Hockey: My High School Musical

This post is brought to you by a high school assignment (i was 14/15 at the time) for musical class that required me to write a musical. So here is what I wrote! A Hockey High School Musical!

Detroit, USA. Allie, a street-wise hockey player who grew up in Toronto moves back to Detroit and to a new school. She starts her first day there amongst the hustle and bustle of a school returning from a long and lazy summer holiday (School’s Back). Suddenly the bell rings, indicating the start of an eventful year for Allie and she is left alone in the middle of the school, lost, as students head to their classes. After her staring at her map, she spots a boy (Mikey) trudging to class late and asks him for help (New).

The pair become fast friends finding they have many similarities including a love for hockey and the Maple Leafs (To Be a Maple Leaf). Allie hears about the guy’s team and asks Mikey when the tryouts for the girls are only to find the school doesn’t have a team. Mikey’s seen her play and urges her to tryout for the boys and she takes his advice as it’s the only way she’s going to get to play (You Can’t Stop Me).

Still embarrassed from mistake Allie’s name for Allan, Sebastian, the teams coach is faced with a difficult decision after watching Allie play. She is certainly good enough for the team but should he pick her considering the commotion it is bound to cause (What’ll I do?).

Allie turns up to the first training session and marches into the dressing room much to most of the team’s amusement. Mikey introduces her to the team (Team Tango). Andy, the team’s star player who’s been drafted into the OHL, has a problem with a girl being allowed on the team (Her).

Being the last to leave the dressing room, Allie over hears Andy and Phillip talking about her and becomes angry vowing to show them what she can do (I’ll Show Them/Dreams).

Matt, the team’s young star goalie is failing English and according to team policy is removed from the team until his grades start to pick up. After leaving the rink, he wanders through the rain, not getting far before running into a gang of boys who start to beat him up. Glad that she had followed him, Allie intervenes and the gang leave unwilling to hit a girl. The pair sit in the rain as Matt explains to Allie what’s happened (Can’t Win).

Vowing to help her younger friend, Allie spends time in the library tutoring Matt and soon Vaclav and Marc join them. Marc, the teams very smart winger, takes over Allie’s job and Allie’s takes time to watch the boys, musing that everyone has something to hide (Hidden Secrets).

After getting a B on his next assignment, Matt rejoins the team and they continue their winning ways despite bitter arguments. After winning the district title the team are invited to a State wide tournament but Sebastian says unless they sort out there problems they can’t go (Listen to the Coach).

After Sebastian leaves Andy starts pointing fingers, blaming Allie for the team’s bickering (Her Reprise). Unable to bite her tongue anymore Allie lets loose at Andy before storming out of the room (Your Life).

The boys follow Allie out of the rink to find her standing in the middle of the street crying (Bring on the Rain). They remind her what she’s done, how far she’s come and what she’s doing by giving up now. Determined to convince her to stay the boys tell remind her of everything she’s done for them (Don’t Leave Us Now). Andy realizes his mistakes and thinks about how he could ever fix what he’s caused (Fool).

The school decides that having Allie play at the tournament is too much of a risk and forbid her from playing until Andy, attempting to make up for his attitude, says unless she plays he won’t. The team are shocked at Andy’s threat and the boards agreement to let her play. Andy and Allie talk as he attempts to make up for his mistakes (Why I Play?).

After making it all the way to the finals and face the most fearsome opponents to date (Come On). In the dying minutes of first overtime Allie dives on the puck and slides past the goalie winning the game and the tournament. Racing off the bench, Andy is the first to make it to her, kissing her in the middle of the ice.

Breaking the kiss, Allie slaps him before taking up where they left off as the team stare dumb founded. The team celebrate their win and the end of a triumphant season that taught many of them lessons they’ll remember for the rest of their life (Dying Days).

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